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Breanna Bartelli was born on September 9th 1991 and passed a short 14 years later on March 5th 2006. She battled with Nueroblastoma for most of her life and it eventually took her, but she fought to the end. Breanna was first diagnosed in 1998 and after aggressive chemotherapy and radiation she entered remmission for almost 5 years.
She relapsed in fall of 2004.  Bre was a great friend and she is missed a lot by family and friends. Breanna was active in school and was in 9th grade. She was very brave to the end of her life and touched countless people throughout it. 

Please take a moment to light a candle for Breanna. You do not have to join or have a memory-of site to do this and it only takes a few moments. Thankyou!!

Breanna is one of many children being featured in a blogathon this saturday, the 26th of july, thanks to Nikki :). A blogathon is a 24 hour event during which people from around the world will blog every 30 minutes for pledges. This particular blogathon features kids who have/ had neuroblastoma (NB). Breanna will be featured at 12:30pm on saturday. Here's the link for the blog:

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St. Baldricks is today! This is an event where people raise money and then shave their heads to help fight cancer. Last year there were many shavees including one for Breanna! (check photo album) to learn more about this event and how you can help us fight cancer go to

**UPDATE** for everyone who has a myspace, a site has also been set up for her there by her friend Kayli, The link is 
It's a really nice site so please go visit her there too!

Today's Breanna's sweet sixteen. Thank you so much to all of you who have been lighting candles for her! I know it makes her family [and me!] feel good to see how kind people are. Earlier I went to the cemetary for Breanna's balloon launch. Last year all fifteen balloons disappeared out of the car before they were ready to set them off, and no windows were open, noone noticed them flying away. So Breanna got away with two sets of balloons :).
This year the balloons stayed where they were put until everyone was ready to send them off. It was raining all morning but it let up for a few moments when we were letting them go.
Breanna's grave looked BEAUTIFUL, her mother put so much work into it and it looked amazing. Afterwards we all went out for 'lunch'. It was great to get to know everyone better, they're all such amazing and strong people! Thank you again to everybody for lighting candles and showing them love and support!!

Happy Sweet Sixteen Breanna. <3!

**UPDATE**7/11/06 Hey everybody. I want to thank Maddy's mom so much for sponsoring Breanna's website! It would have gone off the web today as I didn't have the money to pay for it. I never even met Maddy but her mom was kind enough to sponsor Breanna's website! Thankyou so much. Please visit Angel Maddy's websites

Because Breanna's disease was so difficult to treat, she had to go to more than one hospital for treatments.Most of the time, she went to University Hospital which was only about 45 minutes from her home in Baldwinsville. However sometimes she had to go to a New York City hospital for special treatments. Her mother usually travelled with her, but her father had to stay home to take care of her little sister Brooke. 
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Shortly after we met I was cured of my cancer. We remained friends mainly through computers messaging, but spent time at each others houses when we could just like any other friends. I even went over to her house to celebrate an early Christmas one year.  We also both were part of a camp for kids who had battled cancer that hosted monthly "fun club" activities like pool parties. 
               The only time I ever spent the night at her house was before one of these activities. We stayed up late and ordered a pizza and did each others hair, it was a blast! One thing in particular I remember about that night was when she was doing my hair she seemed really upset. She had lost all her hair because of the medicine was on and she had to wear a wig. I tried to do her hair too, but the only way it could be styled without showing the netting of the wig was in a basic ponytail. Because her wig wouldn't stay on in the water, we both wore bathing caps to the pool party the next day. We often were invited to pool parties, which were difficult for her; most of the time she avoided swimming.
Breanna was like an older sister to me. She helped me with my make up and my hair and even gave me clothes and shoes that she thought looked good on me. She was someone I could talk to about anything, especially the hospital checkups required of patients in remission. Likewise, she knew that she could confide in me.
                 We loved to hang out. One year we went pumpkin picking together and got completely lost in the corn maze. However, her medicine had made her feel bad and we had to leave early. She wore her wig the whole time; I don't think she felt comfortable without it. I only saw her without her wig on a couple of times throughout her treatment.    
              One of the happiest moments was when Breanna was taken off treatment. She still had to go to the hospital, mainly just to make sure that her cancer had not come back, however she was able to return to her normal life.  During this time however, we slowly began to drift apart.

That summer I was able to convince Bre to go to a summer camp for kids with cancer with me. We had a lot of fun, but something was wrong. Breanna spent a lot of time lying down because she wasn't feeling well. She had back aches and was tired for most of the week. The nurse at the camp thought it was just a bug or "growing pains". I wish she had been right. However, after the camp was over Breanna went to the doctors and found out she had relapsed.
                 It was like a nightmare all over again: everything Breanna had already gone through started over. She had to go through treatments and radiation and she lost all her hair again. She had to wear a wig that bugged her so much. She was stuck spending more time at the hospitals, and was unable to go to the "fun club" activities that we had once enjoyed. She was too sick to even go to my birthday party.
The only way Breanna and I talked was on the computer, we didn't talk on the phone because she had a hard time hearing me. However, her parents and my mom stayed in contact so I knew things weren’t going very well. The last time I saw Breanna in person was that summer, at our the summer camp.
           Breanna was feeling much better than I had expected, and she didn't even have to wear her wig anymore. She looked really healthy, but Bre was still on a lot of medicines, and she had to take a lot of pills every day. She also was unable to go swimming, because the cold water in the lake and even in the pool gave her hives. However I remained optimistic that Breanna would achieve remission and things would go back to how they had been.
        The last time me and Breanna had a real conversation was around January of that year. She was at University hospital, but her mom wasn't with her. Michelle had gone home to get some rest, so Breanna was there alone. I wanted to go visit her but she was nuetropenic, meaning her blood count was so low that she couldn't have any visitors. She was not getting any better, and I could tell she was beginning to worry. 
            Breanna was sent home from the hospital a few days later,   but couldn't go to school. She was too sick and tired to even leave her house. We continued to chat in AIM, but we didn't get to talk very often. However one day, around the end of January she told me she was going to try to go to school for part the next day! I thought this must mean she was getting better.
            However at the end of February it became clear Breanna was not going to get better. She was sent home from the hospital for the last time. Her father sent out an email saying the hospital had told them there was nothing to do. Basically they had sent her home to die.
          Breanna spent the last weeks of her life at home. After returning from the hospital Breanna took over her parent's room. She couldn't even go to the bathroom without help, she was so sick she couldn't walk. Nearer to the end she stopped eating too. She didn't leave her house after she got home that last time.
The night before Breanna died was the hardest. Her parents couldn't keep her comfortable, and she was up all night coughing and getting sick. The next morning, on March 5th Breanna  asked her parents to leave the room. When a relative went up to check on her she was just peacefully looking out the window, and then she was gone. Breanna Lee Bartelli died at only 14 years old. 
             Two days later, Breanna's funeral was held. She had an open casket and I put in a small bear just like one I had. I was shocked to see how alive she looked, I half expected her to sit up and smile at me.  
              Breanna had a beautiful service in a huge church. There were over three-hundred people there! It was amazing to see how many people Breanna had touched in her short life.  She was an amazing person who I didn't want to say goodbye to, the hardest part of the whole day was her burial. 
             Breanna Bartelli was an amazing person. She was a talented swimmer and swam on her schools team before she got too sick. She was very energetic and showed maturity beyond her years throughout her life. She was a fantastic friend because she was so kind and willing to listen. 


Breanna fought an eight year battle with cancer and remained strong the whole time. Even towards the end when she was sent home without hope she continued to fight, and lived much longer then anyone expected. She is missed by both her family and her many friends, as well as the doctors that treated her. The priest at the church where Breanna had her service told her father that most funerals only had about a hundred people. Almost four-hundred people came to Breanna's service and at least thirty people came out in the cold to her burial. Although Breanna died young her life was not without a purpose. Throughout her life Breanna touched many people and with her as an inspiration many people her knew her are working to raise cancer awareness.


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Thinking of you!   / Emily
I've been thinking about you a lot recently. You seem to pop into my mind and I'm reminded of your beautiful smile and warm personality. You are a constant reminder to seize the day and spread positivity and light to those around me. I miss you an...  Continue >>
HEYYY!!!!  / Ciara Ocasio (cousin)
Heyy bre i miss ya lots love lots and hope you have a happy b day!!!!ciara miss ya
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:(  / Brianna Kline (friend)
Hey bre! I was just reading through your guestbook your Uncle had set up right after you died. Just a reminder of how sweet and amazing you are! I recognized a bunch of the names, but there were so many people who loved (and still love) and miss you!...  Continue >>
hey bre... always thinking of you   / Sara Bartelli (Cousin)
hey bre, i love you... i wish i could've said 1 more thing to you... i guess i could say it now... it wont hurt.... I LOVE YOU xoxox     *Sara* :-*
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Her legacy
Breanna's Song  
"Bre, Bre, You're so sweet
A beautiful sight for all to see
Lovely and smart and special, too
Bre Bartelli, we love you. 

There' a girl that you should meet
She's from New York and her name is Bre
She loves her animals, it's a fact
Thunder, the dog and Zoe, the cat

School is great, She's got lots of friends
Brandon, Samantha, Tina, Christian, Josh and Loren
They play cards, she's really good
And does her homework like a good girl should. 

Bre, Bre, You're so sweet
A beautiful sight for all to see
Lovely and smart and special, too
Bre Bartelli, we love you. 

Now Bre's family loves her so
She's got a sister, Brooke 
And Mom and Dad you know
Nana and Papa always give her love
They know she was sent from above. 

And Copa-Marina is a place they love
Bre swims in the ocean under blue skies above
They soak up the sun and lounge around
There's nothing better than the ocean sounds. 

Bre, Bre, You're so sweet
A beautiful sight for all to see
Lovely and smart and special, too
Bre Bartelli, we love you. 

Let's watch Jessica and Nick tonight
And MTV, BRBS and Fear Factors outta sight
We'll do our nails, try on clothes and hang
Listen to Ashley Simpson do her thing. 

Bre, Bre, You're so sweet
A beautiful sight for all to see
Lovely and smart and special, too
Bre Bartelli, we love you. "
Her obituary  

Breanna L. Bartelli
(September 9, 1991 - March 5, 2006)


 Breanna L. Bartelli, 14, of Baldwinsville, died Sunday, March 5, 2006 after a tremendous battle with cancer, did it her way, and never gave up. She was born in Baldwinsville and was a freshman at Durgee Junior High where  she was active in softball and swimming.

Survivors: Her parents, Michelle and Daniel Bartelli of Baldwinsville; a sister, Brooke of Baldwinsville; Her maternal grandparents, Larry and Janice Darling of Baldwinsville; her paternal grandparents, Joseph and Rita Bartelli of Baldwinsville; her maternal aunt and uncle, Tina Ocasio of Puerto Rico and Michael Ocasio of Phoenix, NY; her paternal aunt and uncles, Janet Bartelli of NY City, Robert Bartelli of Lemars, Iowa, Mark, Ronald and Kenneth Bartelli, all of Baldwinsville, Matthew Bartelli of Liverpool, Michael Bartelli of Charlotte, NC and Richard Bartelli of Clifton Park, NY; and several cousins and aunts.

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